Frequently Asked Questions

What can you trade at Mr. K’s?

At Mr. K’s you can trade books, CDs, DVDs, Books-on-tape, and Video games. You are given TRADE CREDIT in exchange for your merchandise. We do give cash in exchange for some items including CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Comics and books. Some books are trade only and include most pocketbooks.

How much trade credit do you receive for your books?

For any book traded, you receive 30% to 40$ of our estimated selling price for that book. The book trade credit can be used for other used books or books-on-CD and comics.

What items can you receive cash for?

You can get cash OR trade for DVDs, CDs, Video games, comics and some books. The kind of books that we may pay cash for are non-fiction books such as cooking, history, science, biology, etc. We also can pay cash for some pocketbooks such as science-fiction, fantasy and literature. We reserve the right to deny paying cash or trade for books that we deem not sellable.

Which books can you not trade or get cash for?

Mr. K’s cannot offer trade or cash for: *books in poor condition (torn, soiled, stained, smelly, damaged, etc.) *books published outside our age limits *books that we subjectively feel are unsellable *books previously purchased here which now fall into any of the above categories and self-published books.

Can you put a book on hold?

We will hold any 3 items up to 3 days. However, trade credit may not be used to purchase any time that has been on hold.

What is our return policy?

Any CD, DVD or video game purchased at Mr. K’s may be returned for up to 10 days if it is found to be defective and it is in the same condition as purchased. 3 items per calendar year may be returned. All returns must have Mr. K’s sticker with guarantee date on it. Equivalent trade credit will be issued for the defective items. Books cannot be returned for full purchase amount.